Agility’s humanoid robots are now working for Spanx

  • Agility Robotics offers a humanoid robot called Digit, which got its first job
  • A fleet of these are now working at a Spanx factory in Georgia
  • The company previously had a trial run of the robots last year

Published on Jul 01, 2024 at 1:43 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jul 02, 2024 at 11:25 AM (UTC+4)
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Amazon-backed Agility Robotics offers 2-meter-long humanoid robots, aptly called Digit — and a fleet of those have just landed their first official job at Spanx.

It’s a good time for Digit because who isn’t excited about their first job, albeit a menial one?

A fleet of these humanoid robots working at Spanx will be responsible for moving tote boxes from one place to another.

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Agility’s Digit humanoid robots get their first job

This announcement from Agility came after both parties put Digit to use in a trial run last year.

And it seems that GXO Logistics, who signed the agreement with Agility Robotics, liked these bipedal robots.

As a result, a small fleet of Digit robots is now picking up boxes off the racks at a Georgia Spanx factory and putting them on a conveyor belt.

How small is the fleet, you ask?

While neither of the companies shared that information, it’s safe to say the number doesn’t go up to several hundred or thousands.

It’s because they’re still trying the robots out, and they would have shared the number if they had acquired a large fleet.

As of now, the number stays small.

Moreover, you wouldn’t need hundreds of humanoid robots just to carry around boxes anyway — even in a logistics warehouse.

More and more humanoids every day

Since Agility Robotics has Amazon backing, Jeff Bezos’ company also had several Digits working for it.

It seems that Amazon loved the idea of having humanoid robots to automate tasks and saw massive potential.

Not long after, the company went all-in on such robots, expanding its fleet by a whopping 100%.

These machines apparently are making the work ‘safer and faster.’

The world of humanoid robots is making strides every day, and many big players like Tesla and Nvidia are in a neck-to-neck race here.

For instance, Tesla’s Optimus robot recently got an upgrade, with the new one being called the Optimus Gen 2.

Some of these are already working in Tesla factories, and Musk wants to deploy over a thousand of them by next year.

This can certainly be scary if you’re worried about human jobs, but all companies want to ensure everyone that humanoid robots will only eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks and create better human jobs instead.

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