Six furry friends caught in the wrong place at the wrong time

Too cute to be caught doing the wrong thing? Not these furry friends.

by | Published on 8th Jun 2022

Too cute to be caught? 

Not these furry friends. 

When Scottish police stopped a car during a routine traffic check this week, they saw a cheeky alpaca staring back at them through the window.

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It’s not every day police will pose for a photo with their suspect, but that’s exactly what they did. 

They stopped for a quick selfie and the alpaca was given the green light to continue on with its day.

We thought this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so here are five of the cutest animals who have found themselves in less than ideal predicaments.


5. Squishy the Donkey

This miniature donkey was picked up for wandering aimlessly on the roads of Oklahoma, in the United States. 

Police named him Squishy, likely because they had to squish him into the back seat of their patrol car to get him safely off the busy road. 

4. Surfing dogs

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll know they’re happy to be just about anywhere, doing just about anything. 

That’s demonstrated in this video, where these two dogs are basically surfing the bonnet of their owner’s truck.

Not exactly animals in cars, but too good to pass up!

And don’t worry, no dogs were hurt in the making of this footage.

3. Squished pup

And to prove that point further, check out this pup.

Her owner installed a net between the front and back seats to keep her in the back while driving, but the pup downright refused to accept it.

This gorgeous dog basically squeezes her entire face through the holes to get as close to her owner as possible.

Definitely a failure, but one I’m sure her owner can live with!

2. Little miss piggy

Meanwhile, this has got to be the world’s happiest looking passenger in the back of a police car. 

Look at this pig’s face! He’s absolutely stoked to be there.

1. Seal

We’re not sure this passenger’s as happy as the last one.

He looks a little lost and confused behind that seatbelt, but at least he was saved from the busy road and delivered back home.



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