“Spare kidney accepted as payment?” The internet is reacting to Apple Vision Pro, and it’s hilarious

Apple dropped Vision Pro, an ultra-expensive AR headset. People are impressed with the product's technical specs, but aren't impressed with the price.

by | Published on 7th Jun 2023

Apple launched the Vision Pro, the company’s first AR (augmented reality) headset and people were taken aback by the price tag.

Like every other Apple product, Vision Pro looks cool and is technically sound, but it’s super expensive.

How expensive? $3,499 to be exact.

That’s seven times more expensive than its rival Quest, which is produced by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta.

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We had a look around and people’s reactions are hilarious and also food for thought.

The first thing we noticed is Apple actually disabled comments for the YouTube video they posted for the unveil, and that is… unusual.

Furthermore, several Twitter users point out you can’t actually find pictures or clips of Tim Cook using the headset.

Bloomberg tech correspondent Mark Gurman tweeted about it.

“Unless I missed something, it is very curious to me why there are no photos of Tim Cook actually wearing the Vision Pro,” Gurman said.

“If that it is indeed true, that was of course a calculate decision. The question is why?” he asked.

He makes a good point, as does Marques Brownlee’s Project Manager Jono Tan.

“The people shocked by the Apple Vision Pro’s price tag forgot how much Apple was charging for wheels on the Mac Pro,” he tweeted.

Spoiler alert: Apple was charging $699 for said wheels.

Even Heineken took the opportunity to use the headset for marketing purposes with a quirky Instagram post.

The drinks giant posted a picture of a beer can with the Apple Vision Pro photoshopped on top of it.

The caption reads, “Apple, does it also work if you only have one hand free?”

Mind you, the award for the best reaction post goes to Zed Anwar on Twitter.

The kidney joke is obviously not exactly ground-breaking – it’s been used before – but Zed actually created an amazing picture to go with it.

Kudos to that.



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