Confused police stop the ASKA A5 flying car at Pebble Beach

This is the bizarre moment confused police officers stop the ASKA A5 flying car as Supercar Blondie drives it at Pebble Beach.

by | Published on 18th Aug 2023

This is the moment police officers stop the ASKA flying car on the roads of California. 

The ASKA A5 flying car is in Cali right now for Monterey Car Week and Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi got to drive it. 

And it *almost* went without a hitch. 

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Slightly bigger than a large SUV, this prototype was finished in December 2022. 

One of its creators, Guy Kaplinsky told Supercar Blondie it was road legal, so you could drive it on the streets alongside other cars until you wanted to take off. 

And you can do that from almost anywhere too.

“If you have enough [room], and you have regulatory approval from the city, you can take off from your home,” he said.

The vehicle Hirschi just drove in California is the company’s first working prototype. 

While it’s pretty basic right now, with only the necessary controls inside, ASKA said it was developing it to be “basically the same as Rolls-Royce, very beautiful”. 

As ASKA was teaching Hirschi how to drive the A5 flying car, the crew got a surprise in the form of flashing blue and red lights behind them. 

The police were unsurprisingly shocked by the site of the A5 and started asking a few questions. 

The issue? It was wearing a motorcycle license plate.

Yep, they weren’t concerned about the massive wings or propellers protruding from the top of the vehicle, but the seemingly innocuous license plate. 

After some back and forth, the guys at ASKA told them that the flying car had been classed as a motorcycle by the DMV. 

“When you have an unconventional four-wheel vehicle, they call it a four-wheel motorcycle,” they said. 

There you go, certainly the craziest-looking motorcycle we’ve ever seen. 

You can watch the footage here! 

So how exactly does this flying car work? 

It has six independent motors that control it in the air. 

These motors allow it to get up to an airspeed of 150 mph – roughly equivalent to 250 km/h.

The A5 flying car has a hybrid energy system, powered by electric batteries and backstopped by a gas engine. 

With this, the ASKA A5 has a pretty impressive flight range of 150 miles.

There’s huge interest in it too. 

The company says it already has $50 million in pre-orders. 

ASKA says its A5 flying car will be released in 2026 and be priced at $789,000. 



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