New year, new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – and it’s a thing of beauty

Audemars Piguet didn't waste time and has already unveiled the first Royal Oak of 2023 - and it's a beauty.

by | Published on 4th Jan 2023

The year has only just begun, but Audemars Piguet didn’t waste any time before introducing the latest iteration of the Royal Oak.

The latest iteration comes in with a beautiful Tapisserie dial with a fantastic dimpled texture that looks alive.

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The watch is made from 18k white gold and adorned with AP’s iconic octagonal bezel with a gorgeous frosted effect.

But it’s the dial that steals the show.


Under the glare-proof sapphire crystal lies a ‘dimpled’, three-dimensional-looking dial in blue.

The absence of a date window offsets the sparkling dial and the visible tourbillon on the lower part of the watch face.

It’s relatively subtle – and yet ostentatious at the same time.

AP also released a ‘twin’ model in 18k pink gold, with a brown dimpled dial.

AP Royal Oaks have always been rare and expensive.

What’s changed is Audemars Piguet no longer says how rare – or expensive.

In other words, this is a limited-edition timepiece – but we don’t know how many AP will make.

And it’s expensive, but AP will only reveal the price upon request.

Then again, if you have to ask…

A big year of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Royal Oak in 1972 and did so in style.

The company went berserk with its back catalog and added a few new interesting pieces as well.

AP’s new ‘musical’ Royal Oak was one of the most talked about releases of the year.

And then there’s the magnificent Royal Oak in ‘Royal Blue’.

The brand has even launched a competition for would-be designers.

It’s open to anyone who wants to try and design a Royal Oak, the winner will travel to Switzerland to visit Audemars Piguet’s HQ.



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