The new Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision is a crazy concept with SIX doors

Pininfarina actually calls the unique door design 'Biscotto', which is Italian for cookie.

by | Published on 2nd Aug 2023

Automobili Pininfarina has just introduced a new design concept called PURA Vision.

The Italian design firm says the concept marks “the beginning of a new chapter” for Pininfarina, and we can see what they mean.

For starters, the PURA looks nothing like anything else we’ve seen before.

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Visually, it looks like a compact, slightly boxy SUV that’s also a coupe.

The company calls it a Luxury Utility Vehicle.

They haven’t actually used the acronym LUV, but we will, so there you go: this is a LUV.

But all jokes aside, you can call it an SUV, you can call it a coupe, and you’d be right either way.

The door layout is especially interesting, and definitely unique.

You’ve got two doors at the front, and two suicide doors at the back.

These four open horizontally.

But then you also have two additional sections, halfway between an extra door and a roof, that open vertically.

Sort of like a gullwing door.

Pininfarina actually calls this design ‘Biscotto’, which is Italian for cookie.

The fenders are inspired by the iconic 1947 Cisitalia, and the body is made from carbon fiber.

The quirkiness continues with the massive 23-inch wheels, the pillarless, rear-hinged doors and the ultra-slim horizontal LED lights.

Inside, you’ll find a minimalist dashboard with only two physical dials.

There’s the gear selector to the right and the driving mode selector on the left.

There are three driving modes: Calma, Energica and Furiosa – Italian for Calm, Energetic and Furious.

You’ve got to love that.

The seats are made from a combination of vegan leather and sports fabric, and the same material combination was used for the bench-like seat at the back.

Will it ever be made?

The short answer is yes and no.

As things stand, Pininfarina only makes one car and that’s the $2.2 million Battista hypercar.

The PURA is a completely different animal, and it heralds the potential arrival of an everyday car that more people can afford.

A production version of the PURA may be available in the future.

But the bad news is, as is often the case with crazy-looking concepts, it will probably look a bit more ‘normal’.



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