It’s official: the Pininfarina Battista is the world’s fastest-accelerating car

It managed to beat the previous record by a tenth of a second.

by | Published on 23rd Nov 2022

The all-electric Pininfarina Battista just set a new world record at the Dubai Autodrome.

With a 0-60 time of exactly 1.79 seconds, it is now the world’s fastest-accelerating street legal car.

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Thanks to its highly sophisticated launch control system, the Pininfarina Battista was able the beat the previous record by nearly a tenth of a second.


The irony is that the previous record was held by the Rimac Nevera, which uses the same exact powertrain and battery pack as the Battista.

This is because Rimac makes electric powertrains for a lot of car companies, including Pininfarina.

In other words, Rimac was beaten by its own client.

The previous record was

The new world record was set at the Dubai Autodrome using Pininfarina’s highly sophisticated launch control system.

On the face of it, both cars look very similar.

They both use a Rimac 120 kWh battery pack, and they’re both powered by four synchronous electric units with one at each wheel.

They have roughly the same power output as each car delivers over 1,900 hp.

However, aside from having a better launch control system, the Battista is also lighter by about 80 kg.

And that’s a lot for a performance car.

Even though the company that makes it is German, the Battista is actually designed and assembled in Italy.

It is heavily based on the Rimac from a technical standpoint but you could get away with calling this “an Italian hypercar” if you owned one.

The thing is, you’d have to be seriously in the money to afford one.

Only 150 units are planned, with a starting price of $2.25 million.

Deliveries have already started.

About the Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome is a FIA-sanctioned racetrack located in the UAE.

This 3,349-mile, 17-turn circuit first opened in 2004, and it’s currently home to several TCR and GT races.

Fun fact: the Dubai Autodrome meets all the requirements to host a Formula 1 race.

It never hosted an F1 race until now because, well, there’s one next door in Abu Dhabi.



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