Man reveals exactly what it costs to fill his Bentley Flying Spur gas tank

The Bentley Flying Spur costs about $220,000. But as with any luxury car, the cost price is just the beginning.

by | Published on 11th Jul 2023

The Bentley Flying Spur W12 will set you back about $220,000, but that’s just the beginning. 

Like any luxury item, cars of this caliber come with unfathomable maintenance and running costs. 

One supercar collector is now taking us along for the ride to see just how much it costs to fill the gas tank on his Flying Spur.

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Real estate broker, investor, and developer Thach Nguyen owns a bunch of luxury cars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, and of course Bentleys. 

When he took his Flying Spur to the gas station, Nguyen predicted it would cost him just under $100 to fill. 

But he was wrong.

Reaching for the 92 Octane, which was $5.89 per liter, Nguyen put the nozzle in, saying “this ain’t no damn Honda, I can tell you that”. 

He would know, because this multi-millionaire drives one. 

Yep, when he’s not behind the wheel of his Ferrari or Bentley, Nguyen drives an old Honda which is worth an estimated $5000.

“It’s always funny when someone asks me ‘why do you always say you love driving the Honda if you’ve got all of these expensive cars?’,” he said. 

“I drive the Bentley and the Lamborghini and Ferrari for different occasions, and I drive the Honda for certain occasions. 

“I love all my cars, and I’m never too rich to drive a Honda. 

“I know where I come from, which is from nothing, so I don’t have a problem driving a Honda. 

“I love driving the Honda because it’s very inexpensive in gas.”

When he looked up, the price had surpassed $100 and the tank wasn’t even full yet. 

“I’m so off it’s crazy,” he said. 

“This is why I love the Honda, folks.” 

When the Bentley Flying Spur tank was finally full, the cost reached $116 for 19 gallons (72 liters).

You can watch his full vid here!


How Much It Cost To Fill Gas In A Bentley Flying Spur ⛽️💵

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“People always say to me ‘how much does it cost to fill gas?’ and I always say that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” he said. 

“Let’s keep it real.” 



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