These are the top 5 best and most bizarre DIY Cybertrucks in the world

Some of these are wildly accurate while others are just MAD.

by | Published on 15th Sep 2023

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t here yet so people are taking extreme measures to drive one.

As it turns out, a number of car geeks have turned to building their own DIY Cybertruck.

These are five of the best out there.

5. Golf Cart Cybertruck

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This is a miniaturized version of the Cybertruck and it’s built on the frame of a golf cart.

In order to make it a bit larger and easier to drive, YouTuber Jazza chopped the cart in half and built an extension for the chassis out of wood.

After that he made the body panels and covered them with tinfoil to get the Cybertruck’s iconic glossy finish.

It does look like a Cybertruck… a bit.

But he definitely deserves an A for effort.

4. Ford-based Cybertruck

A man in Bosnia turned his Ford F-150 pick-up into a Cybertruck, and the result is outstanding.

From the outside, it looks 100 percent like a Cybertruck.

You could probably park it alongside a genuine one and you’d barely notice the difference. Almost.

Inside, you’ll find a dashboard made of marble, complete with an infotainment tablet, and a rectangular steering wheel.

It took around eight months to build, but it was clearly time well spent.

3. ‘By the book’ DIY Cybertruck

The guys from the Burning Wrenches YouTube channel want do it right.

In fact, they’re so keen to do it by the book they’re documenting each part of the build with a 10-minute episode.

From the body panels to the chassis and the interior, everything is built from scratch.

It’s an ambitious plan but so far they’ve done a tremendous job.

As you can see from the pictures and the video, they’re taking pretty seriously.

So far they’ve done eight episodes, and that’s just for the body work and chassis.

We’ll keep you posted with updates, their build they may take time, but we’re sure it’s worth the wait.

2. Soviet DIY Cybertruck

The mad engineers from the Garage 54 YouTube channel built a Cybertruck using the underpinnings of a UAZ truck.

For the record, UAZ is a Soviet-era car brand, (in)famous for building rugged trucks that you can fix with duct tape.

The end result is honestly very impressive.

Everything is as it should be, from the closed off wheels to LED taillights.

And the best part is it only took them a few months to build the truck.

Tesla, take notes.

1. Tesler Siber Truck

We saved the best for last with this insane(ly hilarious) video by Ginger Billy.

Obviously this may not the best build, but the video is so funny we just thought it was worthy of the number one spot.

Ginger Billy calls this the ‘Tesler Siber Truck’ and it looks halfway between a golf cart and a quad bike.

The church-shaped body has an ultra-pointy top that looks like the roof of a house, and the interior is almost non-existent.

The seat is glued on to the chassis, then you’ve got a steering wheel and a pillow on top of it.

That’s the airbag, par for the course.

A guy in the comment section pointed out that “a small cushion on the steering wheel was used as a predecessor to the modern airbag”.

This guy is living in the year 3023.



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