Musk offers pricey solution to one of Cybertruck’s biggest issues

Musk is now offering a solution to one of the biggest issues with the Cybertruck.

by | Published on 14th Sep 2023

One of the Cybertruck’s biggest drawcards is its stainless steel finish. 

Along with the unique shape of the truck, the stainless steel certainly makes it stand out on the road. 

And while it looks striking, plenty of people have been questioning its practicality given a single scratch will likely stand out like a sore thumb.

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“If you are off-roading, or even driving on normal roads, the stainless is going to show a ton of scratches from dirt and rocks kicking up,” one guy said. 

“And even the highest grade stainless steel with rust when exposed to salt air if not thoroughly rinsed.” 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now addressed this, taking to X to offer a possible solution. 

“We might be able to offer an optional tungsten carbide coating, which is basically scratch-proof to everything below diamond hardness,” he said.

By the sounds of that, the tungsten carbide coating would be a paid extra, and who knows what Musk would charge for it. 

It’s also slightly concerning that Musk is still coming up with Cybertruck options on the fly considering the truck is on the cusp of release. 

Or so we thought. 

Final specs and pricing are set to be revealed at Tesla’s delivery event, but we don’t have a date for that yet. 

Nor do we have an official release date or price for the truck. 

Despite this, thousands of would-be owners are all but salivating over the Cybertruck online.

With the EV undergoing performance testing across California right now, eagle-eyed fans have been snapping video footage and leaking it online. 

Just yesterday we saw the EV tearing through the desert with raised air suspension, giving us an insight into its off-road capabilities. 

And last week we got a sneak peek at the aftermath of the truck after it was put through a rollover crash test. 

The video was deleted shortly after it was posted, but thanks to some savvy viewers who saved it before it disappeared, we got the footage in all its glorious detail

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