Tesla Cybertruck spotted off-roading with never-before-seen feature

Now, that's something we've never seen before on a Cybertruck.

by | Published on 13th Sep 2023

The Cybertruck has been spotted testing again, this time in the desert.

And if you look closely, you can recognize a feature that we’ve never seen in action before.

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Not a day goes by without a new Tesla Cybertruck leak, video or rumor.

This time, we’re being treated to a prototype with raised air suspension.

Leaked footage from a few weeks ago revealed a version of the truck with this type of suspension, but that clip only showed a vehicle parked in a garage.

Now we finally get to see how the suspension works when the truck is on the move.

Tesla has been testing different versions of the truck in recent months but we still don’t know what the production model looks like.

Based on some of the videos and pictures that surfaced in recent months, we can make an educated guess and assume the final production version will have a normal steering wheel rather than a yoke.

Further, it will probably have two seats at the front instead of a three-seat bench layout, most likely due to safety reasons.

Even though buyers have now been waiting for what feels like a thousand years, the sentiment around the controversial truck is still largely positive.

People are incredibly hyped about it, probably because Tesla keeps (accidentally?) teasing interesting features.

Just a couple of weeks ago, somebody posted a video of the truck seamlessly towing a massive trailer and before that we saw how easily the Cybertruck could make a u-turn.

Leaked footage also revealed the vehicle’s seemingly ginormous frunk.

From a technical standpoint, we know it’ll be available as a single-, dual- or tri-motor truck.

And in spite of its size, the Cybertruck still offers sports car-like performance with a 0-60 mph (100 km/h) time of around six seconds.

Meanwhile in terms of range, which let’s face it is what truly matters when it comes to EVs, Elon Musk promises 500 miles (800 km) or more on a charge.

We’ll find out soon enough… hopefully.



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