To beat the Saudi heat in style this billionaire airlifts his Bugatti Chiron and Mercedes G63 to Europe every summer

  • Yazeed Al-Rajhi is a billionaire and a rally driver
  • Every summer he takes his two favorite cars to Europe
  • His two favorite cars are a Bugatti Chiron and a 6X6 G-Wagen

Published on Jul 04, 2024 at 12:22 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Saudi billionaire Yazeed Al-Rajhi airlifts two of his favorite cars to Europe every year.

He generally brings a Bugatti Chiron and a 6X6 Mercedes G-Wagen.

He does it because while summer can be hot in Europe, especially in some countries, it is much more bearable than in his home country of Saudi Arabia, where temperatures get dangerously close to 50°C (120°F).

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Al-Rajhi travels with his cars so he gets to drive them in his two favorite spots in Europe, the Principality of Monaco and London.

Monaco, in the South of France, is generally hot in the summer, but with temperatures around 30°C – or 86°F, it probably feels just right for him.

Things are rather different in London, which has (stereotypically) mild summers with light drizzle as a constant factor to worry about.

The car collection of Yazeed Al-Rajhi is worthy of his billionaire status

As a billionaire, Al-Rajhi has owned a long list of rare and valuable cars, including several Pagani Huayras, several Rolls-Royces, the black and white Bugatti Chiron you see here, and more than one 6X6 G-Wagon.

The model he’s been using in Europe in recent times is painted white with contrasting black wheels.

Several tuners, including Mansory and Brabus, have built 6×6 G-Wagens in the past, but Al-Rajhi’s one was built by Mercedes themselves.

Between 2013 and 2015, Mercedes actually sold it as a regular production car.

Al-Rajhi’s rally career

Al-Rajhi is an accomplished rally driver.

He’s taken part in 172 rallies in total with four overall victories, 77 podiums and 177 stage wins.

He’s also competed in the Dakar Rally eight times, five times with Toyota and three times with Mini.

And we’re talking about the ‘real’ Dakar Rally, not the ‘Twing’ one that takes places in France and only involves Renault Twingos.

Still, Al-Rajhi has driven Minis and Toyotas for these rally, so imagining him at the wheel of a Renault wouldn’t be such a stretch.

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