Perfect perspective of The Blue Angels diamond take-off will leave you awestruck

  • The US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is best known as their Blue Angels
  • Their diamond take-off is pretty impressive, as this footage proves
  • The Blue Angels still perform 35 weekends per year

Published on May 1, 2024 at 12:53PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 1, 2024 at 12:53PM (UTC+4)

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The US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron are best known as the Blue Angels and their diamond take-off is pretty impressive.

The Blue Angels formed at Jacksonville Naval Air Station and put on their first aerial demonstration there in 1946.

Today they’re based in Pensacola.

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But they’re far from grounded – in fact, they perform more than 35 weekends per year.

And their synchronized take-off in a diamond formation has to be seen to be believed.

According to the 2024 Blue Angels Maneuvers Manual, The Diamond Burner Go is a formation takeoff ‘in fingertip’.

“Immediately after takeoff, the four aircraft will transition to the diamond while accelerating in a low transition on show line,” it advises.

The comment section was more than a little impressed by the awesome display.

“That’s totally awesome!” said one commenter.

“Not everyone can do this, God bless,” said a second.

A third explained how complex the simple-looking trick is.

“If you had a video of the inside controls, these guys are physically working pretty hard with very small but very rapid control inputs… taking out the movement of the jet, before it moves,” they said.

And it’s not the only impressive thing the F-18 can do – the military fighter jets can take off by catapulting from an aircraft carrier.

It allows them to use a very small bit of space to get airborne and the incredible footage below offers a new angle on this amazing feat.

What’s more, this cockpit view of an F-18 landing on an aircraft carrier reveals the undefeated precision required in such maneuvers.

The US Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration squadron uses a Marine Corps C-130 dubbed ‘Fat Albert’ to carry its supplies, spare parts, and other equipment.

And the Lockheed Martin C-130J has been known to open airshows with a literal bang

Some of the images in this story were created using AI.

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