BMW driver gets his $145,000 B3 Touring stuck on a hiking trail after blindly following GPS 

The German BMW driver blindly followed his GPS all the way up a hiking trail in Austria until eventually, he got his $145,000 BMW Alpina B3 Touring stuck.

by | Published on 28th Feb 2023

A BMW driver has landed himself in a seriously unfortunate predicament after blindly following his GPS maps. 

The German tourist decided to ignore signs and drive his BMW Alpina B3 Touring up a hiking trail in Austria. 

Instead of reaching his destination, the 77-year-old driver got the $145,000 car stuck.

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With the picturesque Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg, Austria as his view, the driver followed his GPS up the winding path. 

And despite the track getting narrower and narrower, he continued navigating his way up. 

Hikers reportedly also warned the driver he was going the wrong way. 

But none of this stopped him. 

Until eventually the trail got so narrow that he got his car literally stuck between the mountain and railing.

When the car became stuck, it also meant hikers were trapped on either side of it unable to pass. 

Photos from the scene, taken by the St. Gilgen fire department, show a handful of trapped hikers watching on hopefully. 

When rescue services were called to the scene, the left side of the car was damaged by the railing.

And this car is far from cheap.

It’s a special-edition M3 tuned by Alpina, which is basically BMW’s version of Brabus.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Police and firefighters worked to free the car from the hiking trail and it was successfully removed. 

Trapped hikers were finally able to pass and the German driver was re-directed. 



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