The BMW i7 is here with 536 hp and an abnormally large front grille

Amazing power, amazing tech and an amazing(ly) large front grille.

by | Published on 8th Nov 2022

The range-topping BMW i7 xDrive60 is here to change the paradigm for luxury sedans.

It has a lot of power, amazing technology and an abnormally large front grille.

But BMW has made it clear: the grille is here to stay.

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The BMW i7 sets itself apart from equivalent EV luxury sedans thanks to (or because of) its looks.

The large grille, for example, is a contentious issue.


BMW has reinvented the iconic kidney grille and nearly every single model unveiled in recent years has an oversized one.

However, CEO Oliver Zipse himself is adamant that the controversial grille is here because it drives sales.

Grille or no grille – the new i7 doesn’t look like other sedans in the same category.

The slim headlamps and the relatively small windshield stand out against the massive, slightly raised hood.

By contrast, the rear section is more subtle and simple.

The side profile is perhaps the only thing about the car that’s BMW 7-esque.

Perhaps we’d have to squint a bit, but we can recognize the proportions and shapes of a BMW 7 Series.

The powertrain delivers 536 hp and it consists of two electric motors.

The one at the front (255 hp) is slightly less powerful than the rear one (308 hp), which makes the AWD system in the i7 rear-biased.

The claimed 0-60 time is 4.7 seconds and, even more importantly, it has a range of 388 miles.

This car is also a tech fast.

For starters, the i7 can drive itself on the highway and park itself remotely via the BMW app.

And then of course you’ve got several different displays.

The dashboard in the i7 incorporates BMW’s signature Curved Display, which combines a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch infotainment screen.

In addition to that, there are smaller, iPhone-like displays in the door panels that you can use to adjust your seat.

That’s impressive, but not as impressive as BMW’s hotly-anticipated 8K Theatre Screen.

It is located right behind the head-rests so that passengers in the back seats can enjoy it during long journeys.

However, BMW uses a completely new set-up because the screen folds out of a recess in the headliner.

Among other things, it has built-in Amazon Fire TV.

The 2023 BMW i7 is available now, starting at $119,300.

And if you can get over the massive grille, it might just be worth it.



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