It’s the end of the runway for the iconic Boeing 747

We're not crying, you're crying.

by | Published on 9th Dec 2022

The final Boeing 747 has rolled off the assembly line after half a century of production.

But don’t despair, the aircraft replacing it will be even better.

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When the 747 was introduced in 1969, it was the first twin-aisle airliner in the world.

Boeing has delivered over 1,500 units since then, and the 747 has even been used by the US Administration.

In the 1990s, the US Administration added two customized versions in the Air Force One fleet.


Boeing began phasing out production in the late 2000s as demand for more fuel-efficient aircraft rose.

Several major airlines replaced the 747s in their fleet with the 787 Dreamliner, while others opted for the 777.

And now there’s a new version called the 777x.

This massive wide-body, twin-engine jetliner can accommodate up to 426 passengers, and it has a range of over 7,200 miles.

This means it can comfortably fly from New York City to Wellington, New Zealand, and land with plenty of fuel still left in the tank.

Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways have already ordered more than 300 units between them.

Like most new aircraft, the Boeing 777x was designed to make the journey as comfortable as possible for everyone on board including Economy passengers.

Boeing really did throw everything but the kitchen sink at it.

And the hefty price tag reflects that: each plane costs about half a billion dollars to build.

As for the 747 it replaces, it will surely be missed.

The Boeing 747 is obviously a bit obsolete now, but it defined the start of a whole new era for international travel.



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