Brabus turns the G-Wagen into an insane 900hp pickup truck

Brabus has chopped the back off the boxy 4x4 to turn it into an epic pickup.

by | Published on 26th Sep 2022

Brabus has unveiled its latest crazy creation, and it’s up there with the brand’s most absurd – a 900hp Mercedes G-Wagen pickup truck.

Dubbed the ‘P 900 Rocket Edition’, just 10 examples of the heavily modified G-Wagen are set to be made.

Unmissably, Brabus has chopped the back off the boxy 4×4 to turn it into a pickup, although the usual side-hinged tailgate remains.

Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition seats
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition seat trim
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition interior grab handle
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition door trim
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition pedals
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition wheels
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There’s also a black sports bar at the rear to give it a tougher appearance. With that, it looks as if it was always meant to be a pickup.

Brabus has also fitted the G-Wagen with wider fender flares and 24-inch aero-disc wheels to toughen up its looks even more.

Naturally, there’s plenty of carbon fiber trim all over the outside of it, along with red lighting behind the grille and around its side-exit exhaust tips.

Inside, of course, Brabus has gone all out as well, with a two-tone quilted leather interior.

It uses a unique ‘seashell diamond’ quilting pattern on its black seats, which is set off by red trim throughout the cabin.

But you can’t ignore the ‘PowerView’ hood at the front of the vehicle, which features a transparent panel through which you can see its beefy engine.


This Rocket 900 engine is one that Brabus has fitted to a few models now – from the GT 4-Door to the GLS – but it’s still no less impressive here.

A 4.5-liter V8, it features bespoke twin-turbochargers to deliver 900hp (662kW) as the name suggests.

This engine is also capable of producing an insane 1250Nm of torque, which is so much the company has actually limited it to 1050Nm here.

All that power is enough to get this G-Wagen from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 3.7 seconds, and on to a top speed of 280km/h (174mph). Not bad for a pickup truck.

With just 10 examples to be offered globally and considering how much work goes into this G-Wagen, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t come cheap.

Pricing starts at €649,638 – that’s around $626,250 at current exchange rates.

Of course, this isn’t the first Brabus G-Wagen pickup we’ve seen, as the tuning house also took its hand to the G-Wagen 6×6 previously.



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