Brand-new BMW M2 crashes before being delivered to new owner

Footage shows damage sustained to the rear end of the brand-new BMW M2, which was involved in a three-car accident on its way to the dealership.

by | Published on 16th Apr 2023

Picture this, you’ve been waiting months to take delivery of your brand-new BMW M2.

Just when you think the day has arrived, you get a call with the worst possible news ever.

Your new pride and joy has been involved in an unfortunate accident.

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Sounds like the stuff of nightmares, right?

Unfortunately for one unlucky person, the nightmare actually became a reality.

So close yet so far, as their new car was actually heading to the dealership for delivery.

Although the new owner probably won’t want to see it, the aftermath of the incident was caught on camera.

What we can gather from the footage uploaded to YouTube is that the car was being transported from a warehouse to the dealership when the crash occurred.

Don’t hold us to this, but there’s a strong possibility it’s the first damaged G87 in the world. 

According to a post on BMW Blog, it was a semi-truck that rear-ended the BMW M2.

It hit it hard enough to push the car into the back of a previous-gen Toyota RAV4 that was driving in front.

Not to rub salt into the wounds of the owner, but the BMW M2 suffered significant damage in the crash.

The crash damaged the rear bumper, taillight, rear fender, and set the rear wheel slightly off angle, suggesting it won’t be an easy fix.

It’s not clear if any damage was sustained to the front of the vehicle, as the video only shows its rear end, but we’d imagine some damage occurred.

Shame really, as the brand-new BMW M2, with its Brooklyn Grey paint job, still had its protective stickers from the factory floor.

It’s far from being totaled, but it certainly won’t be getting delivered to its new owner after the unfortunate event.

Instead, they’ll probably have to wait to get their hands on another brand-new example, which could be some time away.

In the meantime, the crashed BMW M2 is likely to be fixed up and sold off at a much lower price.

So, keep your eyes peeled if you’re in the market for a pocket rocket with a 453-horsepower twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine.



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