Vintage Corvette is dropped from car transporter as it’s delivered to its new owner

Footage shows the vintage Corvette plummeting from the top level of a car transporter while being delivered to its new owner.

by | Published on 4th Apr 2023

Remember the Audi that got rammed by a motorcycle while being delivered to its new owner? 

Well, now we’ve got a delivery that’s arguably even more botched. 

In a video just posted to TikTok, a vintage Corvette is seen plummeting from the top level of a car transporter as it’s delivered to its owner.


Who needs a Tesla?! American HP reigns! Though, suspension could use a tweak 😳#buildingskills #corvette #classiccars #cartransport #fail

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The footage, posted by beach_pirate, shows the Corvette being slowly pushed from the top level of the car transporter and onto the lift. 

But the car gains too much momentum and the delivery worker loses control of it. 

The car’s back wheels roll over the edge and the whole thing goes crashing to the ground. 

As it drops, you can hear the delivery guys swearing and shouting in the background.

We then see the delivery driver pacing back and forth with his head in his hands.

The Corvette’s trunk pops open and a hubcap falls off from the impact, but that’s the only damage clearly visible. 

Unfortunately for the owner, there’s likely more damage done to the car that we just can’t see, including probable damage to the suspension and frame. 

Some viewers on TikTok said they believed the car was actually totaled in the fall.

“That car is totaled. There is no way it doesn’t have massive frame damage after that,” one said. 

Another said he could tell there was frame damage “judging by the gap in the top corners of the doors”. 

Others were shocked the lift didn’t have some sort of fail-safe to prevent something like that from happening. 

“There should be some kind of lip on the end of that ramp,” they said. 

“It looked like there was a lip the front tire went over that gave it just enough push,” another said. 



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