Watch this Audi delivery go from bad to worse as the new owner films from his window 

Not only does everything go wrong, but the new owner of the $38,000 Audi A3 watches it all unfold from his window above.

by | Published on 28th Feb 2023

This is possibly the worst new car delivery in history. 

Not only does everything go wrong, but the new owner watches it all unfold from his window above.

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In the video which was posted to the Idiots In Cars channel on Reddit, the $38,000 Audi A3 is seen being backed off the truck smoothly. 

But the car doesn’t even make it off the ramp before disaster strikes.

Just as the A3 rolls off, the new owner hears a loud bang, leading him to believe its front end scraped the ramp.


All we can hear from the new owner is “God dammit”, which is appropriate considering what he’s just witnessed. 

It’s not off to a good start, and things are about to get a lot worse.

New car fail - Audi A3
Car fail – dannybluey / Reddit

The driver then backs the car up and turns to pull into the driveway. 

And in the blink of an eye, a moped rider comes out of nowhere and smashes straight into the side of the brand-new M3. 

The rider is unhurt, jumping straight back up and straightening his moped, but the car is a different story.

Another car stops to check out the situation, staring at the back of the A3, suggesting the collision has left a dent. 

Meanwhile, the new owner of the Audi A3 is watching and filming the disaster delivery from his window above. 

Let’s hope the customer hadn’t yet signed for his new Audi so the dealership is responsible for either getting him a new one or covering the repair costs – both of which aren’t ideal. 

The wait time for another new A3 isn’t quick, and getting delivery of a new car that’s already had repairs done to it isn’t a dream scenario either. 



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