Breaking down Frank Ocean’s car collection and his obsession with vintage BMWs

From his obsession with classic BMWs to his modern-day McLaren supercar, let's have a look at Frank Ocean's car collection.

by | Published on 17th Apr 2023

Two-time Grammy Award winner Frank Ocean is scheduled to get back on stage for a live event for the first time in six years.

Aside from being a great singer, Frank Ocean is also a bona fide car lover.

He loves cars so much he often uses pictures of them for the cover of his singles and albums.

So, from classic Bimmers to modern-day supercars, let’s have a look at Frank Ocean’s car collection.

BMW E30 M3

Let’s start with a banger, the BMW E30 M3 he used for the cover of his 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra.

The car is painted bright orange and fitted with BBS wheels, too.

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The E30 is the OG of the M3 family.

Powered by a 2.5-liter inline-four, it delivers 200 hp and has a top speed of 146 mph (235 km/h).

Ocean chose the E30 because it was his dream car and he’s owned a few of them, including the white sedan model pictured at the top.

Frank Ocean’s car collection – Acura NSX and Acura Integra

Ocean loves Acura so much he named a song after the Acura Integra.

Technically the song is titled ‘Acura InteGURL’ rather than ‘InteGRA’, probably because he sees his car as a ‘gurl’ he’s in love with.

However, even though the song sounds like a love letter to his Acura Integra, the music video sees him at the wheel of an Acura NSX.

Launched in the 1990s as a Ferrari killer, the NSX was a supercar that cost the same as a family car.

Unfortunately, the current model is no longer affordable, but that’s a different story.

Frank Ocean’s car collection – McLaren MP4-12C and 570s

Frank Ocean has owned at least two McLarens, a 2012 MP4-12C and a 2016 570s.

Launched in 2011, the MP4-12C was the first sports car designed entirely by McLaren (ie, without Mercedes’ help).

It uses McLaren’s signature 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and puts out 592 hp.

In the mid 2010s, it was replaced by the more powerful 570S, which uses the same engine but makes 570 hp.

We can’t blame Ocean for wanting both.

Honorable mention: McLaren F1 GTR

This car deserves a mention because it featured in the music videos for Nikes and Endless.

Among the rarest McLarens ever, the F1 GTR is the racing variant of the McLaren F1 built for the track.

It uses the same monocoque chassis and the same 6.1-liter V12, but it’s actually less powerful (599 hp) to comply with racing regulations.

Even so, the GTR is faster than the 612-hp road legal model because it’s a lot lighter.



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