You can buy a Ferrari for the same price as this Bugatti option 

This options list sticker on a Bugatti is going viral... and for good reason.

by | Published on 5th Jul 2023

This options list sticker on a Bugatti Chiron is going viral. 

One of the many options for the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is a Blue Royal Carbon exterior color priced at $222,500. 

Just to put that in perspective, you can rock up to a Ferrari dealer and buy a brand-new Roma for that price.

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The Bugatti option list also includes a ‘sky view’ roof for $62,000, special ‘interior trim parts’ for $56,000, and an ‘inner signature line in Lake Blue’ for $18,600. 

If you were to put a tick next to all the options on this list, it would total an eye-watering $476,450. 

You could buy a Ferrari SF90 for that money. 

While these prices might seem absurd to the majority of us, you’ve got to remember we’re talking about a $3,825,000 hypercar here. 

Since going viral online, the options list has garnered quite a bit of attention (and a lot of opinions). 

One guy posted it to Reddit, where he struggled to come to terms with the ‘$220k paint job’. 

But others defended the supercar maker, pointing out that the Royal Blue Carbon exterior color was much more than just a paint job. 

“It’s not exactly a paint job, it’s exposed carbon fiber in a specific color,” one guy said.

“It’s impressive because the finish they get when exposed still requires serious craftsmanship. This quality of carbon on every panel is impressive as hell,” another said.

Others weighed in saying that despite being “incomprehensible to us mere mortals… if you’re a Chiron buyer, this is all just pocket change”. 

“It could cost double and people would still pay for it. Heck, maybe it would be even more desirable,” another said. 

“The more it costs, the more it makes sense to collectors.” 



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