Bugatti teases new version of Chiron with cryptic video and images

The enigmatic images and video, set against a backdrop of arches with gold-tinged lighting, suggest there's a special Bugatti Chiron on its way.

by | Published on 9th Aug 2023

A cryptic video and images suggest there’s a new Bugatti Chiron about to be unveiled.

The French luxury sports car manufacturer is keeping tight-lipped about its newest model.

So, we’re somewhat having to read between the lines to make out what it could be.

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Starting with the images, they show a Chiron in profile with a shadow covering the car.

It’s hard to make out its color, however, it appears to be a shade of gold.

In the background there are arches and gold-tinged lighting.

Another clue is one of the hashtags that’s included in the post’s caption “#GoldenEra”.

This suggests the abundance of gold isn’t just a coincidence.

Something about the new Chiron seems related to either the color or the precious metal gold.

There’s a brief video included in the post, however, it doesn’t reveal any more of the car’s design.

It simply shows a person walking towards the supercar in the same setting. 

Finally, sketches of the Chiron in gold on a black background with the artist’s hand visible are another teaser.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’re given, but we don’t have long to wait before the new Chiron makes its debut.

The automaker will be premiering the new supercar tomorrow (August 10).

And, in just over a week’s time, it will be on display at ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering’, which starts on August 18.

In October 2022, Bugatti announced that production of the Chiron was almost done, with just 100 examples left to build.

So, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if the automaker had something special planned, aka a gold-inspired Chiron, as a farewell to the supercar.

Bugatti has confirmed that the Chiron’s successor will debut in 2024, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see that car.

However, it’s worth noting it’ll be the first new model from Rimac’s brand ownership.



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