Buying the Tesla Cybertruck when it first came out

  • The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most divisive vehicles ever made
  • Announced in 2019, the cars have now hit the streets
  • They are the first electric SUV from Elon Musk’s Tesla

Published on Jan 18, 2024 at 4:27 PM (UTC+4)
by Tom Wood

Last updated on Jan 18, 2024 at 4:27 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Adam Gray

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most talked-about cars ever, but how much do you actually know about them?

Obviously, much of the discussion around the Cybertruck comes from Elon Musk, but the features of the futuristic SUV are also driving the conversation.

This video – from a few years ago – proves that the Cybertruck will continue to divide opinion, with both sides remaining completely set in their ways.

Alex went down to the Tesla dealership in Dubai the day after it was announced to see what the deal was.

So, whether you believe the hype, or you think it’s the ugliest car you’ve ever seen, you’ll definitely have an opinion.

One thing is for sure, the Cybertruck isn’t going to go away.

That conversation is only set to get louder.


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