‘Cadillac de Grill’ is no longer drivable but has secret modification to be just as usable

It's for sale on Marketplace

  • A lot of weird stuff is listed on Facebook Marketplace – but you’ve never seen anything like this before
  • Meet the ‘Cadillac de Grill’ – a car doubling as a smoker 
  • And it could be yours for just $3,000

Published on Jun 5, 2024 at 11:54AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jun 5, 2024 at 9:18PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood

If clocking up the miles works up an appetite, this ‘Cadillac de Grill’ is a car doubling as a smoker due to an extensive but dubious modification.

The smoker, labeled as a ‘used – good’ condition, has popped up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Word to the wise: it certainly doesn’t appear to be ServSafe-certified.

READ MORE! Man found Elvis’ Cadillac DeVille that still had his modifications on

The 1985-1988 Cadillac Sedan de Ville is listed for sale right now near Nashville, Tennessee for just $3,000.

Attached to the front of a trailer frame and with its front wheels removed, and their wells covered, this car isn’t going anywhere under its own steam – or smoke.

What’s more, the leaf blower coming through the melted grille and peeling hood is further evidence that it actually doesn’t have an engine at all.

Unlike this 1963 Cadillac supposedly owned by Elvis that was discovered in scrapyard and fired up for first time in years.

If you do want food that travels, this self-driving KFC food truck is trying to be the future of food delivery.

Instead, it appears to have been replaced with a charcoal combustion chamber, because flavor.

And don’t try to hop in unless you’d like your burgers and buns toasted.

The seats are gone and in their place is a two-tier grill DIY-ed from metal mesh.

If you want food on the go that will actually taste good, here’s what’s on the menu of the uberwealthy’s private jets.

Back to the Cadillac de Grille, and the ability to clean this grill appears to be… questionable.

So, beware a hotdog from this hotbox.

Unless the interiors were sandblasted to remove paint and other chemicals in the seam sealer of its unibody, which seems unlikely when you look at the hood, then you’ll be consuming a heck load of chemicals alongside your condiments and garnish.

Still, it’s an interesting concept, you have to admit.

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