‘Clearest UFO photo’ ever taken was hidden from public for three decades

The photo was captured by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands.
  • The ‘Calvine Photograph’ was taken by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands
  • The picture was handed over to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and was hidden from the public for more than three decades
  • The unbelievable images shows a diamond-shaped object hovering in the sky

Published on Apr 4, 2024 at 6:38PM (UTC+4)

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'Clearest UFO photo' ever taken was hidden from public for three decades

There’s no shortage of supposed UFO pictures online, but more often than enough they’re dark and grainy.

These images leave enthusiasts disappointed and skeptics questioning whether they’re genuine.

Two years ago, though, the world was presented with the ‘clearest UFO photo’.

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There was once an unusual midair UFO encounter, which left plane passengers astonished and bewildered, too.

But this picture, snapped by two unknown hikers in the Scottish Highlands, is so unique that it was hidden from the public for more than three decades.

If you suspect something fishy here – remember that we need to take nearly everything about UFOs with a huge pinch of salt.

This unbelievable image shows a diamond-shaped object hovering in the sky and, in the distance, you can see a fighter jet flying behind it.

Apparently – and this is according to eyewitnesses – the UFO hovered for around 10 minutes before shooting upwards and disappearing.

Negatives of the picture, dubbed the ‘Calvine Photograph’, were originally handed over to Scotland’s Daily Record Newspaper, who in turn passed them on to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

However, they were never shown to the public until three decades after the event.

After decades of research, the photo was uncovered by academic and journalist Dr David Clarke.

The story goes, that Dr Clark reached out to Craig Lindsay, a former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer, who had kept a copy of the photo after the story was looked into back in the ’90s.

Lindsay even kept the original envelope containing the Calvine photos in his possession.

Dr Clarke, alongside Vinnie Adams from the campaign group UAP Media UK, now ensures that the image will be filed in Sheffield Hallam University’s archives.

“It’s been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of researchers,” Adams told The Sun.

“After 32 years, and an intensive investigation, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world.”

Adams also asked that anyone with information about the hikers’ identities to come forward.

It may be one of the clearest photos, but it’s not the only supposed UFO sighting to have gone viral in recent years.

For instance, an astronomer was left amazed by a UFO caught flying across the Moon.

He managed to capture footage showing the object moving at high speed.

Although at first he thought it was a meteor, he now doesn’t know what it is, and suspects it might have been a UFO.

Well – as they say – the truth is out there.

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