Man reveals how he makes thousands of dollars from car boot sales every month

Now 'Car Boot Chris' is revealing the tips and tricks that make him so successful. 

by | Published on 11th Aug 2023

This man quit his job to do car boot sales full time, and now he makes thousands of dollars a month doing it. 

The former police officer, Chris Hayden, once sold odd bits and pieces on Facebook Marketplace as a way to fund his family holidays. 

That was until he realized how lucrative the second-hand marketplace could really be. 

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Known as Car Boot Chris, Hayden’s had some epic wins. 

Among his biggest was a rare Team USA Olympic Podium jacket for just £4 and selling it for £225 – an impressive 56 times what he paid for it. 

Now Hayden is revealing the tips and tricks that make him so successful.

“Rely on looking for items you had in your childhood and you wish you still had now because some can be worth money,” he told The Sun

At the weekend, Hayden said he picked up a Sony Walkman that was almost identical to one he had as a child. 

He said he paid just £1 for it and they were now selling for around £50 on eBay. 

“If you had been able to keep all of those things you had as a child you could now be sitting on a pot of gold right now.”

Hayden said anything that was considered nostalgic in the tech field generally sold for good money, like Playstation 1 games and old consoles like the SEGA Mega Drive. 

The officer-turned-car boot salesman said retro buys were at the heart of money-making right now.

He urged people to keep their eye on trends because you can really capitalize on them. 

He said the Barbie movie was making waves right now and retro barbies from the 1980s were being sold for big bucks on eBay. 

“If there are talks of a remake for a classic film, like Gremlins, it may spark a revival in interest for those items,” he said.

Chris goes to car boot sales every weekend and makes roughly £5,000 a month doing it.

He said some people were sitting on goldmines in their garages and car boots and they didn’t even know it. 

So, might be time for that spring clean-out you’ve been planning. 



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