Taylor Swift super fan pays off college tuition debt by selling his tour tickets for huge 5 figure sum

This Taylor Swift fan bought the Eras Tour tickets and was determined to go... until he received a mind-blowing offer he just could not refuse.

by | Published on 10th Aug 2023

Isaac Jarman, TikTok creator and big Taylor Swift fan, was able to to pay off his college debt by ‘flipping’ concert tickets.

The TikToker was able to secure tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and then managed to resell the tickets for a crazy amount.

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Jarman posted a video to his TikTok account to thank the person who bought the ticket.

“[I] literally paid for my college tuition,” Jarman said. “I hope you enjoy the show so much.”

“I wish I could be there but also 14k is pretty nice, too,” Jarman added.

Yep, you read that right.

Jarman sold the tickets for $14,000.

On the upside, the seats are in the fourth row, so pretty close to the stage.

So some people think that’s a good investment.

On the flip side, however, people have different opinions when it comes to ‘flipping’ stuff online.

“Turns out the scalpers we’ve been talking about this whole time were people our age,” one user said.

“For 14k me and Taylor better be hanging out all day,” another user said.

Not everyone is mad, though, as some users are simply rationalizing this.

“It’s not your fault that people are willing to spend that much,” a TikTok user said.

“Some people need a lesson on how supply and demand in the market works,” another wrote.

Jarman isn’t feeling guilty at all.

“There are so many people getting mad at me for selling my tickets,” he said. “But I feel like if you had tickets and somebody offered you a stack of $14,000 to not go. Like you wouldn’t go.”


Replying to @SurnaWylder it was a hard decision though #swifttok #theerastour #taylorswift

♬ original sound – Isaac Jarman

“That’s so many hours of work equivalent to that,” he concluded.

Well, he’s not wrong.



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