The most impressive single-owner car collection ever is up for auction

There are 8 Ferraris, 3 Bugattis, 2 Lambos, 2 Jaguars, and three incredibly rare rally cars.

by | Published on 12th Oct 2022

This crazy single-owner collection is up for auction, and it’s one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen.

Officially known as the Gran Turismo car collection, it consists of 15 supercars and three rally cars.

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The collection, which has an anonymous owner, checks all the boxes.

It combines the excitement of modern, exotic supercars with the romance of vintage vehicles.

There are eight Ferraris, three Bugattis, two Lambos, two Jaguars and three rally cars.


Let’s start with the ‘Prancing Horse’.

The collection includes a 599 Aperta, a 550 Barchetta and a 2005 Superamerica.

More to the point, the collector also owns the iconic ‘big 5’: the 288 GTO, the F40, the F50, the Enzo and the LaFerrari.

It also has a long list of ‘holy grails’.

Lamborghini Miura and Countach? Check.

Jaguar XJ 220 S? Check.

You can also bid on a 1991 Jaguar XJR-15, which is possibly one of the most intriguing cars on the list.

Only 53 units were ever built.

The collector also has a Bugatti EB110 GT, EB110 Super Sport, and a Chiron Super Sport 300+, one of only 30 ever made.

On top of this collection of supercars, you’ll also find three iconic rally cars: a Lancia 037, a Lancia Delta and an Audi Quattro.

Every car from the Gran Turismo collection is available through RM Sotheby’s London, and you can bid on each one individually.

RM Sotheby’s London hasn’t given any presale auction estimate but you’re looking at seven figures for each car, perhaps with the rally cars an exception.



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