This crazy off-roader is a hybrid made from logs

The only things that are 'normal' are the steering wheel and the brakes.

by | Published on 29th Aug 2023

This single-seater off-roader is made out of logs and bits of trees.

And don’t let the rugged looks fool you because the engine that powers it is a rather sophisticated hybrid.

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Built by Garage 54, a YouTube channel with a focus on weird DIY vehicles, the engineering behind this ‘car’ is mind-blowing.

First and foremost, the bodywork and the frame literally consist of tree logs.

You’ve got two longer logs that create the base of the frame and another one in front of the engine that serves as the front bumper.

There are also logs around the powertrain to protect it and to support it.

The base that supports the seat consists of two logs tied together.

Having said that, all the important bits come from a car.

The steering rack is, well, a normal steering rack.

The wheels are normal, as are the axles and brakes – apart from the fact you have to use a lever rather than a pedal to activate it.

The engine is perhaps the most interesting part.

Rather than borrowing a fully-functional powertrain from a BMW or Mercedes, Garage 54 decided to build one from scratch.

The team got all the components they needed from a junkyard and got to work.

They had to make do with what they found too, which means the engine is a fruit salad of different bits that shouldn’t work together but do.

As a result, this vehicle ended up being a one-off hybrid.

Mind you, this is no ordinary hybrid, it combines two types of engine that you wouldn’t expect to find together: gas and diesel.

Honestly, we didn’t even know getting a gas-diesel hybrid to work was possible.

Then again, the very fact they built a car made of logs means the sky’s the limit.



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