Mercedes Actros truck made out of wood has working suspension and intricate interior 

Published on Aug 08, 2023 at 6:39 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Mercedes Actros truck made out of wood has working suspension and intricate interior 

This Vietnamese woodworker has created a 2023 Mercedes Actros tractor truck out of wood. 

Not only is it an incredibly detailed mini replica, but he’s given it working suspension, steering, and an insanely intricate interior.

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First up, the YouTuber who goes by Woodworking Art, sources a massive block of wood. 

He then starts designing the truck by sketching it out on the block. 

With the 2D design outlined, he uses a band saw to cut away all the excess, and with that, the truck starts to take shape. 

Once he’s made all the big cuts with a band saw, he goes in with a hand chisel to create the details. 

And this creator is a genius with the hand chisel. 

He creates incredibly detailed pieces including the door handles, the front grille, and the cabin interior. 

Speaking of the cabin, this thing is decked out with just about everything you’d find in the real truck, including incredibly detailed seats and steering wheel. 

He even uses little pieces of perspex for the windows, windscreen, and side mirrors.

You can watch the full build process here!

Once he’s carved out all the pieces for the wooden Mercedes, he adds working suspension using little metal springs. 

He doesn’t cut any corners either – even creating a pivoting cabin so you can access the replica engine. 

In a later video, Woodworking Art creates a massive trailer for the truck too.

You can watch that vid here!

This YouTuber has amassed a huge following with his creations. 

He now has more than 3.5 million followers – but considering the incredible detail he puts into his work, that’s not surprising. 

Woodworking Art is part of a growing community of woodworkers sharing their incredible creations online. 

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