This dad just built a fully-functional Ferrari GTO 250 from WOOD

It's got some of the most intricate details you'll ever see, and he did it all in just 70 days.

by | Published on 28th Mar 2023

Somebody give this guy the ‘Father of the Year’ award.

Not only has he built an awesome wooden Ferrari GTO 250 for his son, he managed to do it in just 70 days.

To say he’s talented would be an understatement.

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You can see just how incredibly talented Mr Dao is in a video posted to his YouTube channel, ND – Woodworking Art.

In the video, you can see the doting dad searching online for the ‘most expensive car of all time’.

After studying pictures of the iconic Ferrari GTO 250, he gets to work welding together a steel frame and attaching the suspension.

He also mounts a mini transmission, steering wheel, and tucks away the batteries that will power the car in the rear.

With the metal frame painted, Mr Dao then installs wood on the undercarriage to create the body.

When this is complete, he uses a small hand-held chainsaw to take off the square edges, before using a small hand-held circular saw to shape the body of the Ferrari GTO 250.

He even uses the small hand-held circular saw to carve out some of the car’s more intricate details, like the hood air vents, front grille, and fog lights.

He then goes over the entire body of the car with a sander to ensure it’s smooth to the touch.

He then added even more details, including air vents, license plates, mirrors, seats, and even exhaust pipes.

All that wood needs protecting, so finally Mr Dao added a layer of varnish to the entire car.


The results really speak for themselves.

Not only is the little boy lucky to have such an awesome car to play with, but he’s incredibly lucky to have such a loving and talented father.

Make sure to check out the video for yourself.



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