Driver shares eery video of dozens of cars abandoned on Florida roadside

Commenters were quick to speculate, with some suggesting the road was a portal to another realm.

Published on Oct 13, 2023 at 5:55PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023 at 11:31AM (UTC+4)

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Watch as driver shares video of many cars eerily abandoned on Florida roadside 3
John Asbury / TikTok - Google Maps

A Florida local has gone viral on TikTok after discovering a road full of abandoned cars and trucks.

The spooky footage shows multiple vehicles seemingly deserted on the side of the road.

But these are not your average abandoned cars.

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They’re all in good working condition and there are many enviable models including a Ford Super Duty Truck.

Luckily TikTok is full of amateur detectives who were determined to solve the mystery.

John Asbury is a Florida resident whose TikTok page is usually reserved for videos of his family.

He regularly drives along Tank Road in Davenport, Florida, and has long wondered about the stretch of stranded cars.

The models range from BMWs to 18-wheeler trucks.

None of them have any tickets, despite being illegally parked.

The cars are even visible on Google Maps.

Asbury decided to share some footage with his handful of followers in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery.

“These cars don’t move, ever,” Asbury said.

Soon his comments section was full of theories.

Some speculated that this area was clearly a portal or an alien abduction site.

Other theories were a bit less far-fetched.

One commenter suggested the cars could have been snowed in during winter and are still waiting to be collected.

Another said it could be a spot where people who carpool together leave their vehicles for the day.

Soon the truck driving side of TikTok saw his video and cleared things up.

It turns out the Florida Homeowners Association (HOA) has some strict laws about where trucks are allowed to be parked.

There is a community just next to Tank Road where a lot of truck drivers live.

When they’re done for the day, they aren’t allowed to park their trucks next to their homes.

“HOA won’t allow me to park my commercial truck in the development so I leave my truck there on Tank and drive my car back and forth,” one commenter said.

Some of the trucks and cars seem to have been left there so long that they’re surrounded by long grass.

One commenter went the extra mile (or 10) to solve this mystery.

“I’m 10 miles from Davenport and I’m about to find out!” they said.


Someone got an explanation for this? Its in davenport florida. #florida #davenportflorida #junkyard #trash #fyp

♬ original sound – John Asbury

After speaking to a few locals it was confirmed that this is basically used as a big parking lot for locals.

They also discovered that some truckers go out on jobs that last weeks or even months.

This explains the long grass growing around their regular cars that they leave behind.

While the explanation isn’t that exciting, it is a relief to know that aliens aren’t in the business of abducting truck drivers.

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