Who is in the wrong? Dashcam video sparks intense debate about annoying road act

by | Last updated on Apr 22, 2022 at 1:18PM | Published on Apr 24, 2022 | Cars

A line of cars at an intersection shown in dashcam footage.

It’s an infuriating act we’ve all witnessed or even occasionally done ourselves without intending to do so: blocking an intersection.

But one Redditor has taken to the Idiots In Cars subreddit to vent their frustration after capturing dozens of cars carrying out the aforementioned driving sin.

Posting dashcam video, the social media user asks: “What am I supposed to do in this situation?”

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Footage shows the OP’s car waiting at a red light, facing an intersection where vehicles are queued up to turn in front of his path.

His light then turns green but the queuing cars remain lined up, blocking the OP.

But as traffic doesn’t clear and the lights turn yellow, so the driver then decides to manoeuvre around the queue by briefly crossing onto the wrong side of the road.

The timestamp on the dashcam footage shows the incident happened on Thursday.

Intersection dashcam video sparks driving debate

Like every road debate, everyone wants to be a backseat driver – and this was no different.

The post, which at the time of writing had been up for 15 hours, has attracted more than 3600 comments and 27,000 upvotes, and the comments section is SPICY.

“I think you did good. I would have been a tad more aggressive in showing it was my turn and inched a bit closer than what you did,” one person wrote.

“I say well done you showed them they were wrong and you didn’t cause a accident.”

“I was just hoping you weren’t going to get hit when you cleared by those idiots. Those people should all get a ticket,” another added.

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A third Redditor said: “If you are taking an intersection, you pull up far enough to clear the crosswalk. One car at a time.

“Situations like this shouldn’t occur if people are driving by the rules. Getting stuck through multiple light cycles is frustrating, but clogging up an intersection is so unsafe.”

One person encouraged the driver to throw down their gloves: “Block the intersection and lay on the horn.”

But not everyone agreed with the OP’s approach.

“Wait and don’t add to the problem,” one naysayer said.

Someone else seconded this sentiment: “This. If you move into the junction before it’s clear you’re just making it worse.”

“Suck it up butter cup! Can’t argue with idiots on the road!!” another Redditor said.


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