These are the flying cars of the future – and how much it’ll cost to keep one in your garage

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An inset of a BMW flying car concept with its inspiration, the Vision Next 100.

The concept of flying cars may seem a long way off, but we are in fact a lot closer than we think.

So close, in fact, that companies are already working out how the insurance will work and how much it will cost.

Insurance experts at UK comparison agency Confused.com have looked at what they think flying cars will look like and in doing so have calculated how much the insurance would cost for each.

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Brands they have created concepts for include BMW, Fiat, Nissan and Volvo.

As well as taking into account light aircraft insurance, the experts have also combined key design features and insurance factors for each motor brand such as security, modifications, engine sizes and maintenance costs to conclude how much, on average, a flying car would cost to insure for each brand.

This research should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect when flying cars become mainstream.

BMW flying car – $2,068 per year

A flying BMW, according to the experts, will be the most expensive out of the four to maintain due to its luxury status and intricate design elements.

To create this, the designers took inspiration from BMW’s VISION NEXT 100 concept which is reflected in its streamlined body.

When working out how much its insurance will cost, they took into consideration that BMWs had the second-largest engine size in their study (three litres), modified tinted windows, under-car lighting as well as the highest cost to maintain.

On average, BMW owners spend about $22,340 over a 10-year period on these features – something which really ramped up the insurance cost.

However, BMW is also known for its enhanced security, such as active blind-spot detection, parking assistance and collision warning.

Therefore, its insurance total is insurance $2,068 for the year.

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Fiat flying car – $1,753 per year

Those Fiat 500 lovers will fall head over heels for this flying vehicle, which also happens to be the cheapest to insure out of the lot.

When working out how much its insurance would cost, the experts took maintenance into consideration. In their study, a Fiat has the second-lowest maintenance cost, with parts easily replaceable in the majority of garages.

It also has the smallest engine size out of all of our concepts, helping to keep that insurance rate down to a minimum. 

However, the data also shows that a flying Fiat would be the most likely to be stolen out of the lot, so you better watch where you park it. The total insurance cost per year came out at $1,753.

Nissan flying car – $2,632 per year

Let’s jump straight into this one because a Nissan flying car will be the most expensive to insure out of all of the vehicles in this study.

The design took inspiration from the iconic R34 Nissan Skyline and Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car – offering the ultimate boy racer look for the sky.

This concept is the most expensive because of its engine and extra modifications that the others don’t have such as a huge spoiler, big front splitter, light-up wheels and so on.

Despite this, according to the data, the Nissan has the lowest brand perceptions, is the least likely vehicle to get stolen and has the lowest maintenance cost.

The total cost is a whopping $2,632 per year.

Volvo flying car – $2,185

Last but not least is the badass-looking Volvo flying concept car. With its safety-inspired design, the Volvo will be the most desirable for families looking to enter the world of flying vehicles.

Its incorporated rounded-edged wings allow for a safer and smoother landing, a thinner back to have more control through crosswinds and a glass canopy for ultimate visibility. It also features plenty of lights to help with visibility at night or in unclear conditions.

When working out its insurance, the experts at Confused.com looked at many different factors and came to the conclusion that the Volvo had the highest safety score at 88 per cent – helping to minimise its insurance rate.

However, it is the second most expensive to maintain, most likely due to its advanced safety technology, overall creating an insurance rate of $2,185 a year. 

***All the above costs are highly speculative and are UK-based values, meaning different countries will have different rules, regulations and prices.



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