The Mini Aceman looks like it was designed for the catwalk, not the road

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Mini Aceman, rear section

This is the new Mini Aceman and it looks like it was designed for the catwalk rather than the road.

The body is muscular, with a combination of smooth lines and angles, and to top it off, Mini fitted oversize wheels to give it extra character.

It looks great on the outside but the party really starts when you open the door, revealing an unconventional mix of quirky colors, shapes, and materials.

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The seats, the dashboard and the door panels are made from fabric, combining several psychedelic colors, including light blue, denim blue, pink stitching, a green steering wheel and purple seatbelts.

You won’t see leather anywhere in the Mini Aceman either.

The steering wheel and the center console look both modern and classic at the same time.

They both look unmistakably Mini-esque but they are both minimalistic.

This is because all the buttons and the dials are digital, all found on the massive round screen on the dashboard.

The brand certainly went the extra mile to make the Aceman Concept look interesting.

The front end features a large grille and headlamps with a complex geometric shape.

It almost looks like a trapezoid.

The electric hatchback measures 4.05 meters in length (159 inches), making it smaller than both the Clubman and the Paceman.

In fact, this is the smallest availalbe Mini apart from the base model.

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Mini did a great job by throwing a lot of original ideas and quirky design cues in the mix, while remaining faithful to the brand.

The bad news is this is just a concept, and the production car is unlikely to have many of the quirks this one carries.


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