Mysterious collector drops at least $7 million on eight Bugattis in one go

by | Last updated on Apr 28, 2022 at 3:28PM | Published on Apr 15, 2022 | Cars

An anonymous car collector has recently travelled to the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France to personally collect eight new vehicles.

Details about the identity of the buyer and the amount they paid has not been disclosed, but we can try and do the math because we know what they bought.

The owner purchased six Bugatti Baby II Models, a new Chiron Super Sport 300+ and a certified Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition by the car manufacturer’s La Maison Pur Sang program.

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Baby II (about $240,000-$270,000 for six)

The Baby II is a tribute to the iconic Type 35 as well as the original Baby (Type 52) from the late 1920s and it is essentially a glorified toy car with a reduced wheelbase (1,800 mm), powered by electricity.

It can be driven by anybody, even without a license, but it isn’t road legal and as such, it can only be driven on private land.

Pricing varies depending on specs and trim as there are two available models, but you need at least $40,000 to $45,000 to get this baby (pardon the pun), so let’s say these six Baby II vehicles cost the owner about $240,000 to $270,000.

Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (at least $2.5 million)

It sounds a bit counterintuitive but La Maison Pur Song is not actually the name of a car, it is just the name of a program that Bugatti has created for certified pre-owned models.

The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was introduced in 2012 as a targa top version of the Veyron Super Sport.

The W16 8.0-litre engine sends 1,184 hp to all four wheels courtesy of a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox.

However, this particular model is the 2013 WRC (World Record Edition), only eight units have been built and each car was priced at €1.99 million ($2.18 million) when it was new.

A pre-owned Grand Vitesse WRC was sold through HR Owen in 2016 for $2.5 million so let’s use that price tag as reference.

Chiron Super Sport 300+ (at least $3.9 million)

It was launched in 2019 to celebrate Bugatti’s speed record for the fastest road legal car in the world (at the time), with a top speed of 483 km/h (or 300 mph), hence the name.

You can easily tell it apart from the ‘regular’ Chiron, partly because of the lacquer-coated carbon fibre body with the orange stripe, but also because it is significantly longer than standard car (about 25cm) for aerodynamic purposes.

It costs about $3.9 million.

Total damage? $270,000 + $2.5 million + $3.9 million, we’re looking at a massive bill of almost $7 million.

But that’s on paper. In the real world, considering we’re talking about Bugatti and since the owner has almost certainly gone to extreme lengths to customise each car, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it came closer to $10 million.



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