Polestar should definitely put this 1:1 concept into production

by | Sep 12, 2022 - 12:26PM | Cars

Polestar 1:1 concept

This is the 1:1 concept, a prototype that was shortlisted in a recent design contest held by Polestar.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the Swedish brand should definitely put this into production.

And given the point of the competition, there’s a chance that it might.

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Polestar used to be one of Volvo’s sub-divisions but it became a standalone brand in 2015.

While Volvo focuses on safety and efficiency, Polestar devotes itself to style and excitement, and that’s why it constantly holds design contests.

Back in July, Polestar asked aspiring designers to pen its next concept car and the turnout was outstanding.

The 1:1 is the one – pardon the pun – that caught our attention because it’s simply spectacular.

What is the 1:1 concept?

For starters, the 1:1 doesn’t have a windshield or a roof.

It has truncated doors and the one on the right side seems unnecessary because the car doesn’t have a passenger seat.


However, that could indicate there’s scope for a two-seat version as well – a bit like the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2.

The driver will be sitting in a stylish bucket seat upholstered in white leather with Polestar’s traditional yellow seatbelts.

The instrument cluster is fully digital but only includes the information you need and nothing more.

This information would also be mirrored in a head-up display projected in the driver’s helmet.

Performance-wise, the 1:1 is banking on its power-to-weight ratio.

It’s made out of flax fiber and it has one kilowatt of power for every kilogram of weight.

That sounds good, but it sounds even better when you remember that 1kW is equal to 1.34hp.

In other words, it has more horses than kilos.

It would also feature all-wheel drive thanks to its electric motor setup.

Polestar concept car design contest

The 1:1 concept is the work of designer Jeroen Claus who nailed the theme of the design competition.

Polestar wanted the entries to be “about the experience of ‘Performance’,” and the 1:1 clearly is.

“One would almost forget about the zero carbon footprint of the vehicle, which, ultimately, is the entire point,” Claus said of the concept.

Two winners will be named for Polestar’s 2022 Design Contest on November 11 – one for interior design, and one for exterior.

Real models of the winning creations will then be shown at the 2023 Auto Shanghai motor show.

But it’s safe to say we already know who our winner is.


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