The Rezvani Hercules could save you from the zombie apocalypse… and a nuclear attack

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The Rezvani Hercules 6X6 on the road.

Have you ever thought 4WD is a bit tame? And how much better it would be to have six wheels?

How about bulletproof armor and electromagnetic pulse protection for your truck?

Well, it turns out you are in luck.

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This is the Rezvani Hercules Military Edition. And it is epic.

They weren’t joking when they gave it the name Hercules.

It’s 6.1 meters (20 feet) long and its six wheels are powered by a 7.0-liter V8 1300HP engine.

And Rezvani says it’s the “toughest and most powerful road going Extreme Utility Vehicle on Earth”.

Let’s take a look at the standard features of this $265,000 beast.

Rezvani Hercules Military Edition specs

  • Bulletproof glass and body armor
  • Underside explosive protection
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection
  • Smoke screen
  • Military Runflat Tires
  • Thermal night vision
  • Electrified door handles
  • Gas masks
  • Pepper spray dispenser

So if you need to survive a zombie apocalypse, this is the truck for you.

Let’s unpack some of the more unique features on this list.

Rizvanis’s Instagram account says “electro-magnetic pulses are radiated after a nuclear explosion and render electronic devices inoperable”.

“EMP weapons are also used to disable electrical systems prior to a broader attack,” it adds.

So you’ve got that covered.


The smoke screen listed above, that’s some James Bond-type stuff.

A dense plume of smoke billows out from the rear of the Hercules at the press of a button to help you evade anyone in pursuit.

Electrified door handles are for those zombies trying to get in (or any attackers really).

And the bulletproofing is via either layers of Kevlar or steel (depending on what the owner needs).

The top-spec is the 1300HP option, but there are other options too with the entry-level pumping out 500HP.

And it’s a proper six-wheel-drive too, they are all powered by the stonking engine.

Rezvani has a California showroom if you want to check out these monsters in person.

What other 6X6 trucks are there?

There are a lot of 6X6 conversions out there that are very impressive, but if you want a six-wheeler straight off the factory floor then your options are few.

Mercedes Benz has the G 63 AMG 6X6, but only limited numbers of the $460,000 truck were released.

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Brabus also got its hands on a few, which were even crazier (as you would expect from the tuning house).

If you want one of these, you’ll probably need to convince a mega-wealthy celeb to sell you one.

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton has a white model…



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