Mechanic sticks a Ferrari engine in his Toyota

by | May 26, 2022 - 11:23AM | Cars

Everyone has seen engine-swapped cars on the internet, but shoehorning a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota is one you don’t see every day.

Cory Von Achen has 269,700 following him on TikTok, where he gives updates on his crazy Scion FR-S (also known as the Toyota GT86).

Somehow he has crammed a 453hp Ferrari California engine into it.

Based in Colorado, Von Achen runs a shop called Sideways Fab & Customs – which specializes in these types of extreme engine swaps.

The relatively normal Chevy LS swap is something the shop has done before, but they like to do things that are more extreme.

This Ferrari engine swap for his FR-S fits that mentality, and then some.

Obviously never designed to fit inside a tiny Scion, Von Achen has cut a big hole in the hood – which the red Ferrari engine sticks out of.

It’s one mean-sounding machine, with a surprisingly aggressive tone you wouldn’t expect from a European V8.

As you can see above, it’s got plenty of power to roast its tires away as well.


Von Achen has also hinted at plans to twin-turbo the Ferrari V8 as well, claiming he’ll do it when his Instagram account hits 50,000 followers.

While everyone dreams of doing an LS swap, this is definitely the new engine swap we’re dreaming of.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a first

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Although squeezing a Ferrari V8 into any car is an impressive feat, it’s not the first time this swap has been done on an FR-S/GT86.

Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck did a similar swap on his Toyota GT86, managing to squeeze the engine from a Ferrari 458 under the bonnet.

The car has been featured in many YouTube videos, and may well have served as inspiration for Von Achen’s car.

How powerful is the Ferrari California engine?

  • A 4.3 liter V8
  • 310 km/h (193 mph) top speed (when it’s in a Ferrari California – we’re not sure what this Frankenstein’s monster can do)
  • 338 kW (460 PS; 453 hp) at 7,750 rpm



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