This company has built a UTV with jet skis for wheels and you can actually buy one

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The Shadow Six Typhoon ATV hitting the waves

Polaris has built one of the maddest vehicles we’ve ever seen, and we can hardly believe it’s actually for sale.

Effectively, this crazy creation looks like one of its RZR ‘utility terrain vehicles’ (UTV) but with two jet skis instead of wheels.

Normally, this is the sort of idea you’d just joke about with your friends, but Polaris is actually putting it into production.

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Called the Shadow Six Typhoon, it’s built around a custom tubular frame with the Polaris RZR body draped over the top.

The body itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber and titanium.

It has custom long-travel suspension to help it traverse the waves on the two custom ‘jet skis’ it rides on.

Each one of those jet skis has a 300hp Yamaha engine in it, giving it 600hp combined.

And while it looks pretty top heavy, most of the weight is below the waterline.

That means you should actually be able to use that power without fear of tipping over.

There are also some inflatable collars mounted around the two hulls to help with stability as well.


Surprisingly, it’s more luxurious inside than you’d think.

It’s operated by a normal steering wheel, while there are controls on either side for the accelerator and brakes.

To keep you entertained on the water, it has an infotainment system with Bluetooth and GPS.

It even has headlights, rear-view mirrors, and a reversing camera.

Given how crazy a package this is, it comes at quite a price – $250,399 to be precise.

However, Shadow Six claims it has already received a fair amount of interest, saying it’ll build and sell seven this year.

The Typhoon will be making its in-person debut at SEMA in November.



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