‘Burn the car’: Couple discovers ‘family of spiders’ inside their van

by | Apr 4, 2022 - 1:37PM | Cars

A spider crawls into van in Australia

Some creepy and unexpected visitors have turned up a couple’s caravan while travelling in Australia.

In a series of videos uploaded to their Tiktok account, gawnedsgapyear, the pair have documented the terrifying discovery of spiders in their van, suspecting there may be a nest of them living inside.

A video uploaded in March shows two massive huntsman spiders sitting on the outside of the vehicle.

“Is there a whole family of these things in our van?” Daniel Gawned is heard saying in the footage.

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His partner, Jamiee, asks him to grab a stick to move the spiders on.

Gawned goes to fetch a stick, but says: “Forget the stick, just burn the van, burn it to the ground.”

A second video shows one of the arachnids running across the van and wriggling its way into a gap between the doors and into the couple’s mobile home.

More footage shows a separate spider crawling on the inside of the back door of their car.

The couple’s spider discoveries have since gone viral, with one of their videos clocking up 8.6 million at the time of publishing.


Reply to @_pavans Funny you should mention that! Jaimee is just as much a fan of #HarryPotter as the ppl in the comments & has named him Aragog ???

♬ original sound – GawnedsGapYear

“I will NEVER visit Australia for this reason. Petrified,” one person wrote.

“Oh hell no burn the car and run,” another TikTok user said.

Someone else added: “U (sic) deserve a bravery award.”

“The way it ran to try get in the door… no thanks,” a social media user.

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Another video shows Jaimee, who has given herself the tongue-in-cheek moniker of “spider goddess”, trapping a huntsman crawling on the roof of the car in a container and relocating it.

The couple have also speculated there may be a nest of spiders living in their van as more keep appearing despite them relocating the ones they do find.

Huntsman spiders can live in groups of up to 300, according to Australia’s Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife’s Backyard Buddies.

Australia’s insane spiders

In other spider-related news, a woman’s photo of an arachnid nesting in her car’s door handle went viral back in 2020

Christine Jones, from NSW in Australia, was returning from a grocery shop when she detected something furry when she reached to open her door.

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