This Tesla TANK is the ultimate off-roading beast

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This Tesla Model 3 has been turned into the ultimate off-roading beast. 

A group of friends in Germany, The Real Life Guys on YouTube, added two gigantic chains on either side of the Model 3, weighing 1.3 tons each. 

And the best part? It was all to prank their friend. 

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The guys built the tracks around giant steel frames and added a heavy-duty suspension system. 

Then in order to fit the tracks to the car, the Model 3 had to be driven onto a stack of six wooden pallets so it was high enough.

It took them six hours to fit the tracks properly – a job they said was not quite as straight-forward as they expected.

With the chains attached, the Tesla weighed a staggering six tons in total.


They also added a winch to it, meaning it could pull six tons too. 

In order to get into the driver’s seat, they had to climb up the tracks and in through the window as they had blocked the doors from opening. 

The car now had a ground clearance of 80cm (31.5 inches). 

And to finish the look, auxiliary lights were added. 

The transformation took four weeks in total, but the reveal of the Tesla tank was worth it. 

The entire project was done just to prank their friend.

They asked to borrow his personal Tesla and told him they were going to give it a brand-new wrap. 

When they revealed it four weeks later, he was speechless.

All he could say was “no, no, no” (which is understandable if your Tesla is not quite road legal anymore).

It was only when he jumped in the driver’s seat that he realised it wasn’t actually his car. 

The guys actually used an identical Tesla for the build, leaving their friend’s Model 3 intact. 

The group is yet to test its off-road durability, but given those 1.3 ton tracks, we reckon it’d fare pretty well. 

In fact, they’re just waiting for Elon Musk to join them for the durability test. 

But given Musk’s current to-do list (which includes attempting to take over social media platforms and send rockets into space) they might be waiting a while for him to return their calls. 

Speaking of crazy transformations, check out this VW Kombi.

The old campervan from the 1960s was also given a massive tank chain to tackle the snowy mountains of Austria.


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