Charles Leclerc reveals what job he would do if he wasn’t an F1 driver

If he was to chase this dream, he'd have to take a massive pay cut.

by | Published on 25th Aug 2023

Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc has just revealed some juicy details during an impromptu interview.

The YouTuber in question asks Leclerc a couple of questions, including what he would do for a living if he wasn’t a racing driver.

And the answer might surprise you.

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YouTuber Eddy Beef was on a holiday on the Italian island of Sardinia when he randomly bumped into Charles Leclerc.

First, he asked the 5-time Grand Prix winner what he did for a living.

“I’m a racing driver,” Leclerc said in perfect Italian.

The follow-up question is about what it takes to become a racing driver.

If you want to become a racing driver, according to Leclerc, you have to “follow your dreams” and “keep working hard”.

And then comes the million-dollar question.

“What would you be if you weren’t a racing driver?” the YouTuber asked.

Elite athletes and celebrities are often asked that question, and the answer they give is always interesting.

“I’d be an architect,” Charles Leclerc said.

He’d no doubt be very good at it, but he’d probably have to take a massive pay cut.

With a $24 million yearly salary, Charles Leclerc is the third highest paid Formula One driver.

The only racing drivers paid more are Red Bull’s Max Verstappen ($55 million) and Mercedes AMG’s Lewis Hamilton ($35 million).

For the record, his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. makes $12 million a year.

What’s interesting is Leclerc makes a lot more than two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso ($5 million) and Sergio Pérez ($10 million), who helped Red Bull secure the Constructors’ title last year.

Leclerc’s contract is set to expire in 2025, and there are rumors about a four-year extension until 2029.

If the deal goes through, Leclerc is expected to earn a whopping $49.5 million a year with his new contract.



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