This is what F1’s top drivers are making this year

Verstappen's salary will blow your mind.

by | Published on 14th Aug 2023

The salaries of this year’s top F1 drivers have been revealed and some (cough Verstappen) will blow your mind.

Despite talks of driver salary caps, Formula One has yet to impose any such rules – much to its best driver’s delight. 

From Lewis Hamilton to Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, this is what the top five F1 drivers are bringing home in 2023.

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5. Carlos Sainz Jr – $12m 

Carlos Sainz Jr recently extended his contract with Ferrari and will stay with the team until at least 2024. 

The Spaniard is taking home a nice little package of $12 million this year – that’s $3 million more than he made last year. 

And that’s not including endorsement deals.

4. Lando Norris – $20m 

McLaren really believes in Lando Norris. 

Not only has the team extended his contract through to at least 2025, it’s given him a serious bump in salary. 

Norris is getting paid $20 million this year, despite his less-than-consistent performances on the track.

3. Charles Leclerc – $24m 

This driver from Monaco is thought to be one of the most promising young talents in the sport. 

Leclerc was one of the only drivers to have challenged Verstappen in 2022. 

Ferrari currently pays the young gun $24 million per season, but it’s expected to only go up from there.

2. Lewis Hamilton – $35m 

The Brit, who recorded his first win at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix, has been in the sport longer than a lot of his peers. 

He still earns a whole lot more than the majority of them too. 

Racing for Mercedes, Hamilton is bringing home a nice little package of $35 million this year.

1. Max Verstappen – $55m

The Dutch driver is currently dominating the track. 

Not only is he dominating on the track, but he’s making an astronomical amount of money doing it. 

Verstappen is making a staggering $55 million this season alone. 

Driving for Red Bull Racing, the F1 champion is expected to stay with the team until at least 2028. 



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