This race car was made using 18kg of chocolate

The chef also created a motorbike and robot using only chocolate.

Published on Jun 27, 2022 at 11:44AM (UTC+4)

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This race car was made using 18kg of chocolate

This race car is made entirely out of chocolate. 

Yep, you read that right. 

Pastry chef Amaury Guichon created this old school race car using 18 kilograms of chocolate and the result is incredible. 

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Guichon, a Swiss-French pastry chef, has gone viral on TikTok since posting videos of his incredible creations. 

In fact, since first posting on the video-sharing platform, he has amassed a whopping 11 million followers and 192 million likes. 

And while all of his creations are wild, it’s no surprise we think the race car takes the cake. 

Taking six full days to make, the end result is 152 cm (60 inches) long, 101 cm (40 inches) tall, and 22kg (50 lbs) overall of dark chocolate. 

And lucky for us, Guichon filmed every step of the process. 

First, he sketches the design and pours melted chocolate into place to create the base of the car. 

Then he adds the doors, the driver’s seat, steering wheel, car wheels, and even floor mats. 


Once that’s all in, he adds details like the front grille, headlights, badges, and speedometer. 

Then he spray-paints it with, yep you guessed it, more chocolate. 

The creation garnered huge praise for the chef online, with one person calling him an engineer of chocolate and another calling him the real life Willy Wonka. 

Guichon also created this incredibly life-like motorbike equipped with exhausts, suspension and detailed rims. 

His creativity is off the charts. 

Some of his other works come together to form somewhat of a zoo. 

He’s made an almost life-size giraffe, crocodile, reindeer, and lion. 

Oh and he’s French, so of course he created an edible snail too. 


Some of his more intricate designs include a chess set, chandelier and a ferris wheel. 

He also created a lifesize robot chef entirely out of chocolate. 

He said it took him four days of work and 40kgs (90lbs) of chocolate to create. 

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