Conor McGregor targeting Michael Jordan’s net worth to become world’s richest sports star

You better watch your back, Michael.
  • Conor McGregor has firmly set his sights on replacing Michael Jordan at the top of the richest athletes list
  • The UFC superstar has a net worth estimated to be around $253 million, although he claims to have made closer to $650 million in total throughout his career
  • Basketball legend Michael Jordan is worth an eye-watering $3.5 billion

Published on Nov 30, 2023 at 3:13PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 4, 2023 at 2:59PM (UTC+4)

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Conor McGregor targeting Michael Jordan's net worth to become world's richest sports star

Watch out Michael Jordan – Conor McGregor is coming for you.

The UFC superstar isn’t after a fight, though; he plans to topple the basketball legend of his top spot as the richest sporting star.

Since making his UFC debut a decade ago, ‘Notorious’ has become the biggest name in MMA history, making a boat load of money in the process.

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A former dual-weight champion, Conor McGregor makes tens of millions from his fights.

When the Irishman took part in a crossover bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in 2017, he pocketed $100 million alone.

That being said, McGregor’s not stepped foot in the octagon for two years, meaning he’s missed out on some pretty huge paychecks.

That hasn’t stopped the fighter spending his hard-earned cash, though.

It’s well documented Conor McGregor likes the finer things in life, like flying around the world in a luxury private jet that ‘dominates the skies’.

As well as a jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht, ‘Notorious’ boasts an incredible supercar collection, too.

Connor McGregor has a net worth estimated to be around $253 million.

However, he claims he’s made closer to $650 million in total throughout his career.

Back in 2021, McGregor topped Forbes’s list of rich athletes thanks to selling his majority stake in Proper No. Twelve to Proximo Spirits for an estimated $150 million.

Due to an injury he suffered at UFC 264 in July 2021, the 35-year-old hasn’t been able to cash in through fighting, meaning he’s slipped to 33 oin the same list two years later.

But Conor McGregor is determined to become a billionaire and ultimately displace Michael Jordan, whose ridiculous net worth left the internet in awe.

“It’s motivating, Michael Jordan’s at the top spot, obviously with the Jordan brand that took him there, he’s worth billions,” McGregor said in an interview with broadcaster Megan Olivi.

“I think it’s $3.3 billion he’s made.

“I’m closing in on a billion, I think I’m at about $650 million all in that I’ve made.

“I think they estimate that, I’d probably have to do my own little check of that, but I fancy my chances of getting up that list.

“It was good to see, that Forbes [richest athletes of the year list] was a goal of mine to hit that, I got that and onwards we go.”

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