Couple who sold everything to live on cruise ship reveal how their lives have changed

It's more fun, and apparently cheaper, too.
  • John and Melody sold everything to live on a cruise ship
  • Not only is this more fun, but it also brings another advantage
  • They’ll soon move to a bigger ship, on the world’s first ‘perpetual’ cruise

Published on Feb 15, 2024 at 1:15PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 15, 2024 at 7:17PM (UTC+4)

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John and Melody Hennessee sold everything they owned to go live on a cruise ship.

Three years later, their life has changed – and they aren’t going back.

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John (76) and Melody (64) were living an uneventful life in Florida and one day, like an epiphany, they decided they didn’t want to do that anymore.

First, they sold their business and their home, and bought a motorhome to travel around the United States.

During this new stage of their life, they saw an ad for a 274-day cruise with Royal Caribbean and they thought – why not?

Then they sold the motorhome and began traveling on cruise ships.

They’ve already been to the Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, and the South Pacific.

Not only is their new life more exciting, apparently it’s cheaper, too.

The cruise includes most of the things they need, so all they’re left with are some credit card bills for ancillaries and extras, and for when they’re on land, exploring the various destinations they travel to.

But, as you can imagine, there’s no more vehicle insurance, no more mortgage, no more utility bills.

Property taxes, vehicle taxes, and so on – these are things of the past for the couple.

So far they’ve been living day by day, as in cruise by cruise, with their current journey booked through December 2024.

However, they’ll soon join the growing list of people, including another Florida couple by the way, who left everything to live on a cruise ship.

It’s becoming a thing.

There are cruise ships designed specifically for people who want to live on them on a permanent basis.

And many are getting on board, both literally and metaphorically, including younger people, too.

Like that Meta employee who’s now a permanent resident of a cruise ship.

These vessels usually have on-board doctors and dentists, as well as wellness facilities.

It’s like a town, but it’s on water.

John and Melody will soon jump aboard the Villa Vie Odyssey – the self-proclaimed ‘first perpetual world cruise’.

The price for an abode on a cruise ship varies depending on different factors but, generally speaking, you can buy anything from a $99,000 studio-cabin, to seven-figure multi-story suites with balconies.

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