Meta employee buys six-figure apartment on cruise ship so he can work from home whilst exploring world

  • The Meta employee bought an apartment with a 12-year lease
  • Despite a hefty $300,000 price tag, his studio is actually among the cheapest properties on the ship
  • The ship has three swimming pools, a spa, a bank and even a school

Published on Nov 28, 2023 at 3:44 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Meta employee buys six-figure apartment on cruise ship so he can work from home whilst exploring world

This Meta employee is taking the work from home concept to the next level.

He was tired of staring at the same wall in his home every day so he did something a bit extreme.

He bought an apartment on a cruise ship.

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Austin Wells, who works for Meta (i.e., Facebook), purchased a $300,000 studio on a cruise ship with a 12-year lease.

His new home is a 237-square-foot apartment on the MV Narrative – a cruise ship that’ll launch in 2025 and will circumnavigate the globe.

The MV Narrative features 547 floating abodes and, believe it or not, Wells bought the cheapest.

The smallest studio apartments go for six figures, while the two-story, four-bedroom luxury apartments cost $8 million.

The apartments can be purchased outright, but most are offered for a 24-year or even a lifetime (60-year) lease.

This is presumably because Storylines, the company that owns the MV Narrative, is well aware that most of the tenants will be wealthy pensioners that aren’t planning to go back ‘on land’ at all.

This amazing ship spans 18 floors and it has its own spa, gym, three swimming pools, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

It even has its own library, bank and a school.

Austin Wells’ idea is certainly unusual but not unheard of.

A man called Mario Salcedo has lived on a cruise ship for the last 23 years.

Salcedo says he’s no longer able to live on land because he’s so used to living out at sea.

Then again, this won’t be a problem as he says he’s planning to “die on a cruise ship”.

More recently, Florida couple Mike and Barbara Soroker decided to live out their retirement in a $2.5 million apartment on a cruise ship.

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