Luxury cruise ship will allow residents to permanently live at sea

A life-long journey across the globe aboard a cruise ship with swimming pools, bars, restaurants and four-bedroom apartments – who needs a house on land?

by | Published on 12th May 2023

Florida-based yacht company Storylines is selling studio apartments located inside a 741-foot cruise ship.

The company is giving customers the opportunity to spend life at sea indefinitely.

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Apartments aboard the new ship, dubbed MV Narrative, start at a cool $1 million.

For that price, you’ll have access to a sizable studio with an en-suite luxury bathroom and an amazing view of the ocean.

Obviously, if that’s not your cup of tea (and provided your pockets are deep enough), you can upgrade and buy multi-room apartments as well.

The ship is large enough to accommodate 1,000 occupants in total, and it offers 547 apartments.

That works out at around two occupants per apartment but the truth is these apartments vary in size.

A 237-square-foot studio aboard the ship is comfortable enough for one or two people, while 1,970-square-foot luxury apartments can accommodate as many as eight people in four bedrooms.

By the way, in order to make the most of available space, the smallest studio apartments are fitted with a so-called Murphy bed – ie, a bed that can be stored in the wall when not in use.

The 18-deck ship is designed specifically to travel indefinitely around the world and the journey is scheduled to begin in 2025.

Even so, some floors plans are already sold out.

Mind you, living at sea doesn’t come cheap, considering there are monthly costs on top of the sticker price.

Even with the smallest studios, you’ll still have to pay monthly ‘living fees’ starting at $2,600.

It sounds outrageous but there’s actually a good (enough) reason for that: literally everything is included.

Monthly living fees give you access to the swimming pools and the wellness spa, a marina with some cool toys, and a bowling alley – among other things.

More importantly, though, the fee also includes medical staff on board, food and drinks.

That’s right, there are twenty bars and restaurants on board and everything you order is covered by said fees.

Once the journey commences, the route will vary every year, giving you the chance to visit different places in different countries.



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